January 01, 2015

Blue and white interiors: perfect solutions for your living spaces

When you come up with an idea to bring the influence of the nature to decorate your home, blue and white interiors are what you surely want to check. The combination is applicable for any home designs or styles. This is also an elegant option with simple but gorgeous appeal. In fact, the blue and white works very well in different spaces from the living room to the bathroom.

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It is elegant and timeless for the living room

The blue and white is what you need to adopt when you want the elegance of the living room. Decorating with the color scheme can even be very simple and effortless when you have had white backdrop with the d├ęcor that is neutral in color. What you need to do is just adding the blue accents by having accent pillows, traditional blue vases or any other accessories in blue.

What we need to suggest when you want to decorate the living room with blue and white is that you have to try to stick to pleasing blues that are lighter in shades. It is also possible to have the dark navy ones, but you need to use them in moderation. What to keep in mind when you want the darker blues is that you have to make the rest of the living room more uncluttered and neutral.

It is serene and stylish for the bedroom 

Regardless the fact that your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, decorating your bedroom in blue and white is a good idea for sure. In fact, many experts believe that blue is a relaxing option in the space. In this case, you may pick bold Robin’s Egg blue or aqua for the accent wall. Turquoise and navy blue are also great shades for stylish and glamorous bedroom. However, you are not suggested to use bolder shades extensively because this will bring too much energy in the bedroom that means insufficient serenity.

It is versatile for the kitchen

One of the best parts of adopting the blue and white interiors is that because the color scheme looks so versatile for the kitchen. The blue and white is a trendy option for different kitchen styles from the vintage to the minimalist. A smart alternative to adopt when you come up with the blue and white kitchen idea is painting the lower shelves in blue and the top in white. Bold blue backsplashes as well as barstools are also pretty cool to make the kitchen look versatile.

It is refreshing for the bathroom

Blue and white combination is undoubtedly refreshing for your bathroom. Bold turquoise, Caribbean blue, and Bahamas blue are some options to pick and combine with glossy whites in the bathroom. You can complete the decoration with standalone tub and some towels and toiletries with the hues that will match with the overall nuance.

Well, are you ready to have the blue and white interiors at home? Just go and find any inspirational decoration ideas with blue and white color scheme now. Good luck.

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