January 16, 2015

Simple but brilliant slanted ceiling design ideas

Decorating spaces with slanted ceilings can be too challenging for some homeowners. In fact, many inspirational slanted ceiling design ideas are waiting to adopt. If you are the one who has to deal with such big job, your slanted ceiling can be fun to decorate. What you need to consider most is how to treat the ceiling and use the contours of the interiors in decorating the spaces. Here are some tips that you should never miss when decorating an interior with slanted ceiling.

Simple but brilliant slanted ceiling design ideas

Playing with the existing ambiance
The first thing that you need to keep in mind about a space with slanted ceiling is that the room has had its potentials. You just need to make sure that you are able to accentuate the overall ambiance with perfect design. It means that you do not need to try too hard to bring different style that will never work. Just try to turn the slanted ceiling into your room’s showstopper.

Adding windows and skylights
Another idea to decorate the interior with slanted ceiling is adding more windows and skylights. This can be the easiest way to turn the odd room into inviting space with brilliant design. In fact, the skylights are available in different shapes and sizes so that adopting the idea to decorate the room will be much easier. Combining the idea of ushering in the natural light with the use of beautiful floor lamps or pendants is something great to try.

Picking perfect color scheme

Picking the right color scheme is always essential in any interior designs. When you deal with slanted ceiling design ideas, light and airy colors are what you need to play with for perfect nuance. It is suggested to use simple and neutral colors so that you do not need to hurt your eyes. The two-tone color scheme is an ideal option. If you want to play safe, you can just paint the room in cool white and use black as an accent.

Bringing the cottage look

The ambiance of the space with slanted ceiling has its own theme. In this case, you can bring the coziness of a cottage look or simply decorate the room in industrial style. To deal with this idea, you need to simply expose the wooden beams or steel.  This simple idea will surely make the space unique for its own sake. Again, you do not need to force yourself to do something sophisticated. Just accept the fact that the room has its own beauty.

The slanted ceiling design ideas above are not the only options you have when you need to decorate such unique interior. The important consideration that you have to keep in mind is that you have to d├ęcor the space proportionally. It is also essential to think about the lighting that properly illuminates the space. Inviting the natural view outside to get involved in the interior decoration is something great to try just to make sure that the room is not an isolated area. After all, it is about how to think simple things.

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