March 17, 2015

Simple ideas for bedroom makeover to welcome the spring

Spring is approaching and this is the right time to think about bedroom makeover to give the bedroom a new nuance. Well, January sales are about to hit to welcome the spring. And ignoring the promising sales must be bad. Bedroom makeover does not really mean new flooring installation. Easy steps to refresh the look are surely potential and easy. Well, here are some ideas for bedroom makeover.

Simple ideas for bedroom makeover to welcome the spring

Buy new bedding

To get started, you can buy new bedding. The bedding surely has the powerful role to distinguish the tone of the bedroom decoration. Changing the bedding colors and patterns promises you better bedroom atmosphere especially to welcome the spring. If your current bedding color is solid, you can simply buy some throw pillows with bright colors for more charming appeal. The best news is that this is surely affordable.

Have a pendant light

You may think that the existing light fixture you have in the bedroom has been outdated. If so, add a pendant light should be a brilliant solution. Regardless its function to illuminate the space, the new embellishment will make your bedroom look much more attractive. Large or floral-motif pendant light are two options to add to your hunting list. But, you need to keep in mind that perfect installation may require you to call for professional help.

Add a new rug

Adding a new rug can be one of the simplest ideas for bedroom makeover. Just like the new bedding, the new rug can surely complete the overall nuance of the bedroom with beautiful colors and patterns. What you need to keep in mind is that you need to select the new rug by considering the details of the bedding you choose. Never think about overpowering the space by buying rug with clashing hues or busy patterns.

Add bedside tables

When thinking about the furniture pieces in the bedroom, bedside tables should never be overlooked both for the function and the aesthetic values. They are the right spots where you place your books, flowers, and any accessories to add the focal point in the interior. In this case, when you think that buying new pieces will not fit with your budget, adopting some DIY tips for the side tables should be great.

Brightening the space with a mirror

The last from the simple ideas for bedroom makeover is adding a mirror to brighten up the sleeping space. The piece with reflect the natural light that will illuminate the interior better. In fact, this is also a great option to choose when you wish to make your bedroom look bigger. However, it is important for you to make sure that you place the mirror on the correct angle to avoid too much light exposure especially during the spring days.

Well, it is the time for you to hunt for inspirational ideas of spring bedroom design ideas and start hunting for the pieces you need to complete the project. January is about to come in two weeks. It means, big sales are waiting for you. 

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