February 18, 2015

Brilliant black and white kitchen design

One of the basic questions that you have to answer when you want to decorate your kitchen is what color scheme that completes the overall ambience of the space. An instant solution that will never be outdated is the black and white kitchen. This is the best option you have if you are not the one who is not that keep on frequently changing the kitchen’s color scheme. The solution will always be the relevant option to come up with.  What you need to keep in mind when you wish to decorate your kitchen in black and white is that it is not simply about arranging black stuff here and white stuff there. Well, here are some ideas that you can adopt.

Perfect color scheme to extend living space

5. Brilliant black and white kitchen design
Today’s trends suggest that your kitchen is not only the place where you cook and serve foods. The space is now popular as the extension of the living area as well as the spot where you can welcome your friends and family. The idea of decorating your kitchen in black and white will make it truly versatile. Blending the area with the living and dining spaces is no longer a difficult deal. What we can suggest you is that you can go with monochromatic black and white scheme to make the kitchen visually stand out without overlooking the fact that you need to make it the transitional area.

Grays and creamy whites

It is absolutely a mistake to think that the black and white kitchen design is all about picking darkest black and pure white as the color scheme. In fact, you can play with other colors, hues and shades without sacrificing the black and white nuance. Strong grays and creamy whites are potential to replace the blacks and whites. It is also possible to play with accent colors to complete the black and white design. To add the accent colors, you can just use fabric and accessories with the lovely accent colors to make the nuance charming and alive.

More considerations

Dealing with the black and white kitchen, it is important to ensure the balance between the two colors. It is not about making the black and white in 50-50 proportions. What you need to keep in mind is that the white can be the dominant one while the black plays its role for some specific features. This is true for sure especially when you decorate a small kitchen.

Another key aspect to consider is the lighting. To achieve the expected monochromatic look, combining pendants and sconces is a perfect solution. This will surely make or break the black and white kitchen you have. In addition, recessed lighting is also essential to create the illumination with multiple layers. By doing so, the kitchen will look so chic and cheerful.

Well, the idea of decorating your kitchen in black and white is absolutely brilliant to try. Just hunt for more information, tips, and inspirations to keep being updated. Thank you for visiting us and keep exploring our website for more updates.

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